If you really want to see the ‘real’ Fiji, why not tackle the Nausori Highlands? Here’s how… prepare to steer your way up, climbing mildly challenging roads, going from vista to vista until you have reached a place preserved by time.

Hidden up in the Nausori Highlands, lie two culturally significant sites of Fijian history; the villages of Navala and Bukuya. This area is as close to how Fiji looked and lived before recorded time as any other place in the country. Safe from outside modern influences, these villages are bursting with tradition and custom. The reward you receive for experiencing that drive up is the display of breathtaking panoramas that greet you.
You can spend the day meeting villagers, especially the children, who would happily make themselves your tour guide. Settle down for lunch when a ‘mai kana’ invitation (literally translated as “come eat”) is yelled out to you. You also will surely have the opportunity to end your trip with a bowl or two of that famous, numbing concoction, grog… you really should not leave a village without imbibing the national drink.

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