What You Need to Know

Do you provide insurance?

The rates issued do not include vehicle insurance cover but is available at an additional fee of $22 per day. In the event of an accident, the renters are liable for the $2500.00 excess for groups 1-4 and $4000.00 for groups 5-10. Over head and underbody damage is entirely at the renter’s risk. Excess can be reduced to $1000.00 for groups 1-4 at a fee of $20.00 per day and to $2000.00 for groups 5-10 at a fee of $25.00 per day.

Is petrol included in the car rental rate?

Petrol is not included in the rates. Vehicles will be supplied with a full tank and must be returned in the same manner. A fee of $30.00 plus the refueling charge will be billed if the renter fails to do so.

Are there any restrictions to hiring cars?

Yes, drivers must be over 24 years of age with a valid local or overseas full driver’s license.

Can I hire any vehicle I want?

We will try to supply the vehicle you request, but we reserve the right to supply what is available.

Can I extend my hire term?

All extensions can be made, provided that it is brought to our notice. Extension of cars must be confirmed at least 12 hours ahead of the termination of the rental agreement.

Is there any other payment other than the rental fee?

Payment of the estimated cost of hire plus a security bond of $500.00 is required at the commencement of the rental. Final adjustments will be made on termination.

What happens if I decide to cancel my booking?

In the event of a cancellation, an administration fee of $30.00 per day will be charged against the total amount paid for the rental.

What is Fiji’s speed limit?

Town areas: 40km/hour.

Outside town: 80km/hour except where 60km/hour sign is displayed.

We also provide chauffeur drivers upon request at a fee of $70.00 per day from 0800hrs to 1700hrs (this is extra apart from rental charges). An extra fee of $13.00 applies for every hour thereafter (advance notice of 24hrs is required).